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Out of town jumped out without incident. Having reached the track, Igorek drowned under 160 and, feeling moderately cool, began to come into a good mood

The time was approaching for dinner, the sun began to fry mercilessly.

- Hey you! - Igorek, without taking his eyes off the road, lit a cigarette. “Why do we need to drag ourselves into this hole in the middle of nowhere?” There is a pond nearby. Cool down - let's move on.

“Come on,” I agreed.

Igorek turned, and we were shaking over the bumps.

“You know how to choose roads,” I approved.

- Nothing. But cool prevention of hemorrhoids, he said good-naturedly. Climbing up the hillock, we saw a puddle below, among rare plantings of decent size.

“Look, there are no people!” And we started to descend. Stopping on the shore, Igorek opened all the doors, turned on

louder tape recorder. I left. The puddle turned out to be a very decent size, and it was possible to swim. There were no people, but traces of their presence lay at every step. I kicked off my shoes and immediately stepped on the cork of a beer bottle.


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